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Having a Screw Loose

Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Character Development | 0 comments

Having a Screw Loose

Do you have a screw loose?


I had repair work done on one of our vehicles the other day, and they had to remove the exhaust system in order to perform the work.   I picked up the van and headed home, as I got about a mile away from the dealership I went over some railroad tracks and when I accelerated I noticed a noise from the exhaust.  It also seemed as though the van’s get up and go had got up and left.   I returned to the dealership and found; they had not tightened a bolt on the exhaust manifold and it had fallen out.  This little $3 bolt not being tight had caused the van to operate at only about 60% of its capacity and caused a loud noise, that informed anyone near of my van’s existence.

The impact of that little screw led me to ponder what screws were loose in my life and business?  What little things that could easily be fixed were causing my life to not operate at peak efficiency?

  • Do we in our rush not make our spouse or children feel important?
  • Does that unorganized desk keep my productivity a little lower?
  • Is that extra cookie or chocolate leading to a few extra pounds leave me lower on energy every day?
  • Does the lack of a budget leave you wondering where your money went at the end of the month?

When I first moved into our current home, the back door didn’t have weather stripping and on one particular windy winter day I stood by that door and felt cold air blowing across my face.  I had completely renovated the home insulating all the exterior walls.  It was amazing how a ¼ inch crack could allow so much cold air to come rushing in. 99.999999987% of my home was air tight, and yet that little crack drastically reduced the effectiveness of all that other hard work.

What are the cracks and screws we are overlooking in our lives?  Sometimes in our hectic day we miss these little things that steal our time, energy, peace, and finances.  Perhaps it is time to bring in a friend, mentor, pastor, coach or consultant who can help identify these cracks and loose screws.   Your life and business deserve to operate at peak efficiency.

Please comment and share what are the areas in your life that have had loose screw and/or cracks?  How did you fix them?

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There is more than one way to skin a cat

Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Parenting | 2 comments

There is more than one way to skin a cat

Teaching a 2 year old how to skin a cat

No felines were harmed in the writing of this post


My two year old is attempting to find her own way, she loves to express her independence and share her vast wisdom with her parents.  This usually comes in the form of “NO” to whatever question is asked of her.  A couple months ago I began to occasionally ask her questions instead of dictate Kitten Facewhat she was to do.  One might think that a two year old lacks the capability to utilize critical thought and examine the various components of her decision, and I completely agree with such an assessment.

What if we give her two choices to perform a desired task (“there is more than one way to skin a cat”). For example do you want to wear the pink or brown shoes? Do you want milk or juice? Should we put away the blocks or stuffed animals first?

I believe this gives her an opportunity to express her independence within a very limited boundary set by her parents.  I am not an expert in parenting and I am unsure if this concept will work with all two year old children.  Although the cost of attempting, and it not working is very miniscule.  So, go give it a try and please let us know what your results are.

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You can whistle while you work (just not at the customers)

Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Customer Service | 1 comment

You can whistle while you work (just not at the customers)

You can whistle while you work (just not at the customers)


My wife and I went shopping for suits the other day and walked into a small Tux Shop.  This store is inside the local mall with a variety of formal tux attire for sale or rent.  The only employee was sitting behind the register as I gazed about the store looking at the various choices.  The clerk asked in a rather disinterested tone “can I help you?”…  As I pondered my response while looking at the products on display, he whistled at me to get my attention.  As I rebounded from the shock, I told my beautiful wife “we are done here” and promptly left.

As we continued walking looking for a place to make our purchase, my mind wandered off thinking about the decline of service in customer service in our nation.   I hold no animosity toward this person, rather on the contrary I am quite grateful for the perfect example of how shop owners can create a unique selling position in today’s marketplace.  Below are a few basic steps to providing Phenomenal Service, that will keep people talking about your business and products.

“The Sales Process”


 1. How do you build relationship in a retail setting?

Genuine and sincere desire to meet your customer’s need.  This is hard to measure and yet your customer knows when you are just after the sale or there to truly help them.

Greeting and Gratitude:               Welcome them and thank them for coming to your store.  Stand up, walk toward them, and smileJ they need to feel like they are the most important thing in that store (because they are).

 2. “What brings you to our store today” (insert store name)

Response 1: “Just looking” This is a great opportunity to point out featured item and/or sales that are going on, and that you will be available if they have any questions.

Response 2: “Specific interest in an item” Begin to ask questions that allow you to ascertain why and how the customer plans to use this product.  These questions will allow you to target your product knowledge to show how it meets the customer need or perhaps direct them to another product or additional products to meet this need.

 3.  Share relevant information about the product features and how it will meet the customer need.

Don’t list everything, be specific on features that will interest your customer, and explain how those features will meet their need.

 4.  Close the transaction “If you were going to take this home today would you prefer blue or red?”

Use questions to move them to a decision, this allows them to feel in control.  People love to buy things, but many don’t like to be sold things.  Great questions allow them to walk away talking about how great their buy was.  People don’t walk away and discuss being sold to.

 Great customer service will cause people to return more often and recommend their friends and  it will lead to promotions for people who provide it.  Start today, make an effort to provide phenomenal service and see how it will impact your life in a positive way.

Where have you had memorable customer service?

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