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Dancing, Programing, and Failing

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Dancing, Programing, and Failing

A tale of two classesDance Company

I spent about 6 and half years getting my undergraduate degree.  When I started my goal was to learn and experience new things. Determining the things I enjoyed and those which were better left for someone else to accomplish. During these years, I used my electives as an opportunity to experiment with subjects I didn’t know much about in hope to broaden and define my interests.  During my 2nd year I took two electives that have had a profound impact on the man I have become.

 CPT 175 “Intro to Visual Basic”

I desired to get a basic understanding of computer programming.   It was a great time to take this course as two friends of mine from church were also taking the course. Both of them had a talent for computer programming, so I had a built in tutors.  I finished the first assignment with Caleb’s and Andrew’s help and was thoroughly amazed by the amount of work it took to get a computer to do a simple task.  The course quickly became more complicated I felt overwhelmed and frustrated.  It was a life changing realization that this field was not the place for me, after 6 weeks I was so far behind I quit the course and began to focus on other things.  I would never again try to spend a minute on computer programming. Anything I ever need that requires those set of skills would be outsourced to Andrew, Caleb, or someone with similar skills.

 DANC 101 “Intro to Modern Dance”

I had begun dancing some on my own and found it enjoyable.  I wanted to enhance my technique and skill as they seemed to be lacking.  I am not a natural when it comes to following dance steps; dance for me has always been more of an outward expression of feelings and emotion expressed through movement.  My teacher was amazing she

naomi jb dance

worked with me to teach me how to properly move my body, she spent weeks undoing years of unnatural habits I had developed.   While I was a slow learner she saw something in me that was not easily observed from my failings in talent.  She saw the emotion and passion I had when I danced and encouraged me to join the Purdue Repertory Dance Company.

Over the last 3 years of my college life I would spend many hours dancing and performing.  I was consistently once of the slowest learners and constantly struggled with complex choreography.  However, the dance professors saw the skills of stage presence, improvisation, and ability to partner well with other dancers.  They focused on using these talents in the dance pieces I performed in, while working with me to develop underlying technique and footwork.  Those are some of my greatest memories from college and were by far the most enjoyable classes during my college career.

Both of these courses were vital to my development

I don’t believe one was more important than the other.  One revealed the importance of developing and expressing my creative side.  The other revealed my disdain for highly detailed tasks that didn’t have engagement with people.  These courses help develop a more complete picture of who I was created to be.  This happened because I got out of my comfort zone and took two unrequired and strange courses. In the process, it developed a greater understanding of my personality, strengths, and weaknesses.

Questions for thought and comment:
  • What have you done to step out of your comfort zone and try something new?
  • Is there something you want to try but have been afraid to because you are scared you will fail?
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The American Dream

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The American Dream

The American dream

When did the American dream become a 5,000 square foot home with a cedar privacy fence, 2.5 kids, 2 cars, a boat, 3 jet skis, 7 flat screen TV’s, to watch Netflix and the 978 channels? 

When did we confuse the pursuit of things for the pursuit of Happiness?

Perhaps it has always been this way, and just the things you need to find happiness have gotten bigger and more expensive.”  We seem to work harder so we can have more things that enhance our leisure time. Working harder at a job we hate stresses us out more, so we need to buy something else on credit to enhance our vacation time. The end result, we have to work even harder and longer to pay that new something off.

We are like a dog chasing its tail or a hamster running on a wheel.  We keep running… but don’t seem to move forward so we try to run faster, never pausing to look at our life from the eagle perspective until life has passed us by and it is to late.

This has been said before, and should probably be said more often, “how many people on their death beds wished they had spent more time at work, or more time watching TV?”  What if the American dream is the freedom to live wherever you want in our nation? What if the American dream is the ability to pursue your passion?  What if the American dream is create a life you love?  Is the pursuit of things keeping you from your dream?

What is your dream?

Perhaps it is time to get off the hamster wheel, and figure out where you want to go.  It is time to create a plan to achieve your dream.  Each of you can probably find 1,000 excuses to not pursue your dream, and if you continue listening to them you will never take that first step.  Grandma Moses (world renowned artist) didn’t start painting till she was in her 70’s.  Colonel Sanders didn’t start franchising his chicken recipe till he was 65.

Revive your dreams, refine your dreams, plan to achieve your dreams, and start pursuing your own American dream today.  Here are some steps to defining your Dream or Vision

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