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Whimper or Scream

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Whimper or Scream
Cry like you mean it.

Cry like you mean it.

A few nights ago my 18 month old daughter began to whimper.

She was recovering from strep throat and jet lag. It was 1:30am on a cold winter night.  Her cry was the half-hearted kind that while waking me didn’t move me from my warm bed.  A more intense cry would have moved me to action.  However, her weak cry soon faded.  Ten minutes later she was quiet and I was back asleep without ever leaving my warm bed.

How often do we talk about what we want?

  • Maybe even whimper and complain about how we wish….
  • Maybe we even apply for that job. 
  • Research that opportunity on the web.
  • Maybe even write an outline of some ideas. 
  • Maybe even talk it over with a good friend. 

We are all excited, motivated, ready to pursue are dream.   Then…..

Then comes the hard part…

Never let another stop you from your goal.

Never let another stop you from your goal.

Implementing our dream, this is where our words and imagination become action.  Dreams and Ideas are useless till we take action.  When you do you will face obstacles such as:

  • Ridicule from others (Dreamers who take action will always be critized by those to afraid to pursue their dreams)
  • Setbacks will happen (things won’t always go as planned)
  • life will get in the way (you must prioritize time to work on your dream)
  • You (fear will rise like a beast from within attacking your dream)

It is often at this point your goal falls into the cavern of failed dreams.  It is a dark place that will often not see the light of day until the dreamer faces their mortality.  The number one regret of those on their deathbed is I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” (From The top 5 regrets of the dying)

“If you don’t care about your dream neither will anyone else.”

In a football game the hardest yard to get is the last one.

  • 4th and goal from the 1 yard line
  • That yard is the difference between nothing and 7 points.
  • You get zero points for the other 99 yards on the football field.

So, let push harder.  It is not the time to go out with a whimper stuck on the 1 yard line.  Let’s score and see our dreams become reality.  “That Last yard is where your reward dwells”

What is your dream you have pursued with a whimper, that you should be chasing with yell?

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“Those Things Just don’t Fix Themselves”

Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 in Character Development, Leadership | 4 comments

“Those Things Just don’t Fix Themselves”

An Unfilling Adventure

A couple of years ago, I had a filling in a tooth fall out. I planned on getting it fixed someday. However, my dread of the dentist and a hatred of power tools in my mouth encouraged me to perpetually postpone my dentist visit.

A few months ago the tooth became extremely sensitive. Instead of viewing this as a sign for immediate attention, I quit chewing on that side of the mouth and stop drinking cold beverages.  It got worse…. A few weeks later it was so painful, my head hurt and I struggled getting to sleep.   In December I got to experience my first root canal.  It is an experience that I encourage you to avoid.

May those nerve endings rest in peace

May those nerve endings rest in peace


The Painful Lesson

  • If I would have gone the the dentist when the filling fell out, I wouldn’t have needed a root canal
  • As a dentist friend of mine said “those things don’t just fix themselves.”
  • Address small problems early before they explode into big problems.

How often to do we postpone that uncomfortable situation, postpone that small inconvenience, with the hope it will eventually go away.  As my dentist friend said “those things don’t just fix themselves.” 

This touches many areas of our lives:


  • Telling our spouse we aren’t feeling loved and how our spouse could change that
  • Developing our family budget together


  • That workout that we will always start tomorrow.
  • Reducing our intake of sugary food and drinks.


  • Addressing our clients consist late payments and or growing amount owed
  • The employee whose 10 minute break keeps getting longer


  • Saving for retirement
  • Getting on a budget
  • Investing

What have you postponed that is causing you more pain?


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