Passionate Pursuit of Purpose

About JB

Husband | Father | Real estate Broker | Writer | Poet | Life Coach | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Accountant | Dreamer | Friend of Jesus

Passion to help others find the Purpose, Destiny, and Calling:

My mission is to help you become everything you were created to be.  I will challenge many of our societal beliefs.  You will be constantly encouraged to pursue your dream even when it is difficult.  It is my sincere hope, the writing, services, and other products I provide will:

Inspire you to change that we might change our world.

You and I each have a part to play in helping our society grow and improve.  Our society will be incomplete if you do not do the things you are designed to accomplish.  I hope be one of many who inspire you to:

Get out of comfortable and boring and into passionate and inspired!



Married to a very beautiful and intelligent woman.  She is highly successful in her various positions with the Singapore government, and is currently preparing to take the BAR exam.  She has an amazing gift to do so many things well.  She is a wife, fabulous mother, mentor and teacher to young Chinese undergrad students, Law student, and my partner in business and life.


I have 3 wonderful and vibrant young girls.  They are the most important thing I have ever done with my life.  It is a great responsibility and privilege to love, teach, train, and encourage them as they grow.  They constantly help me understand God, and how He thinks about me.

Real Estate Broker:

Do you want to invest in Real Estate?

I specialize in working with investor of all experience levels.  I can help you

  • Create a investment plan based on your unique goals
  • Determine if you should self-manage or use a professional
  • Finding the right financing for your specific situation
  • Understand the tax implications of real estate investing.
  • Search for home here at


My writing will focus around “the Passionate pursuit of purpose” and focus on three key areas:

  • Personal finance
    • Helping you take control of your finances and not allowing them to hinder your pursuit of purpose
  • Character Development
    • Most of the great failures we hear about, are because they failed to build character and integrity in all areas of their life. This is perhaps the greatest single factor in a being able to live a life fulfilling your destiny.
  • Business
    • This flows from my experiences and research in my role as a consultant.


Most of us have a side of our brain that is dominant.  We are either analytical/logical, or creative/dreamer.  There is an amazing synergy when you develop both sides and let them work together to solve problems.   Poetry is where my creative dreamer side was re-birthed.   As a child I was a dreamer, as I grew older I became more cynical (analytical and logical).  At 20, I began writing poetry and thoroughly enjoy “getting in the zone.”  I will rarely post poetry here, but you can find my faith based poetry as

Life Coach:

It is such a joy to sit down with a person who wants to change their life and is willing to pay a price to do it(not just financial).  I have a lifetime of experience of struggling to find my place in this world.  I have learned a great deal along that journey, and am thrilled when I can coach an individual to find their place.  You can find more about my coaching and coaching package on the coaching page.


My love for public speaking started in high school speech class.  This grew into competing on the speech team.  It is such a thrill to feel those butterflies just before you go on stage.  Then to watch people as they are inspired and grasp concept or perceptions they didn’t have before.  You can learn more about bringing me in for your next event on the speakers page.


The desire to build a business started as an 8 year old kid washing window with my father.  I was paid a percentage of what we earned.  Ever since I have pursued that feeling of getting paid for what I accomplish and build.  I didn’t want to get paid by the hour.  It was not a direct path, I tried jobs in large corporations and used other jobs to get valuable skills.

Along the way, my understanding of investing grew and I began to buy residential real estate.  We currently own 10 properties and have passive income from them each month.  However there were learning pains, I almost bankrupted my family in 2010 by purchasing to much to fast.

While I was pursuing my MBA, I had the chance to do a couple of consulting projects.  An Singapore based commodity company had me research and create a plan for expanding and opening an office in the U.S.  Then I spent 2 months researching the diesel and bio-diesel industry in Southeast Asia for a clean tech start-up.

I would love to help you start, develop, and expand your great idea.  Visit the consulting page here, or just contact me directly here.


Just after I left the military I began working as a manager in a truck-stop.  During this time we had a store buyer, who was carrying merchandise out the back door and taking it home.  The general manager found this out because of managerial accounting.

So while I never wanted to be a pure accountant, understanding was vital to building a business.  I changed my major at Purdue to Accounting and began to enjoy corporate and personal tax.  What I enjoy about tax work is the ability to save clients money.  I can introduce strategies that  allow my clients to pay less in taxes.

I have prepared a tax return for every state that has income tax.  I have completed consolidated corporate returns and EZ forms.  I have had the opportunity to prepare returns for professional athletes and WWE wrestlers.   I have prepared returns ranging from $56,000,000.00 of income to negative $100,000.00 of income.  I can prepare your return and explain what I did.  You’ll leave knowing why your paid the tax you did and with strategies to reduce your tax in the future.


Dreams can be so powerful when we pursue them.  Fifty years after Martin Luther King jr. was assassinated, we are experiencing a black man as our nation’s leader.  Martin Luther King, had a dream, it maybe true there are still challenges in the black community, we are a step closer to the mountain top he spoke of, and died for.

I may not fully share my dream yet, I do pursue and keep it in focus.  I believe I too, can change the world.  And it start first with changing me!

Follower of Jesus Christ:

I believe the foundation of our world is wisdom, and that wisdom are the words of God that spoke all creation into existence.  God created and designed me for a purpose.  He is constantly revealing more of it to me, and I choose to follow Him.

I have tried life my own way, only finding short term pleasure, despair, and depression.  In Him, I find passion, purpose, destiny, peace, joy, and Love that overwhelms my soul.  I find it so amazing that the God who created the universe, likes to spend time with me.