About JB

Husband | Father | Real estate Broker | Writer | Poet | Life Coach | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Accountant | Dreamer | Friend of Jesus

Passion to help others find the Purpose, Destiny, and Calling:

My mission is to help you become everything you were created to be.  I will challenge many of our societal beliefs.  You will be constantly encouraged to pursue your dream even when it is difficult.  It is my sincere hope, the writing, services, and other products I provide will:

Inspire you to change that we might change our world.

You and I each have a part to play in helping our society grow and improve.  Our society will be incomplete if you do not do the things you are designed to accomplish.  I hope be one of many who inspire you to:

Get out of comfortable and boring and into passionate and inspired!



Married to a very beautiful and intelligent woman.  She is highly successful in her various positions with the Singapore government, and is currently preparing to take the BAR exam.  She has an amazing gift to do so many things well.  She is a wife, fabulous mother, mentor and teacher to young Chinese undergrad students, Law student, and my partner in business and life.


I have 3 wonderful and vibrant young girls.  They are the most important thing I have ever done with my life.  It is a great responsibility and privilege to love, teach, train, and encourage them as they grow.  They constantly help me understand God, and how He thinks about me.

Real Estate Broker:

Do you want to invest in Real Estate?

I specialize in working with investor of all experience levels.  I can help you

  • Create a investment plan based on your unique goals
  • Determine if you should self-manage or use a professional
  • Finding the right financing for your specific situation
  • Understand the tax implications of real estate investing.
  • Search for home here at www.sellwithjb.com


My writing will focus around “the Passionate pursuit of purpose” and focus on three key areas:

  • Personal finance
    • Helping you take control of your finances and not allowing them to hinder your pursuit of purpose

  • Character Development
    • Most of the great failures we hear about, are because they failed to build character and integrity in all areas of their life. This is perhaps the greatest single factor in a being able to live a life fulfilling your destiny.

  • Business
    • This flows from my experiences and research in my role as a consultant.


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