Passionate Pursuit of Purpose



Just after I left the military I began working as a manager in a truck-stop.  During this time we had a store buyer, who was carrying merchandise out the back door and taking it home.  The general manager found this out because of managerial accounting.

So while I never wanted to be a pure accountant, understanding was vital to building a business.  I changed my major at Purdue to Accounting and began to enjoy corporate and personal tax.  What I enjoy about tax work is the ability to save clients money.  I can introduce strategies that  allow my clients to pay less in taxes.

Tax Experience

I have prepared a tax return in every state that has income tax.  I have completed consolidated corporate returns and EZ forms.  I have had the opportunity to prepare returns for professional athletes and WWE wrestlers.   I have prepared returns ranging from $56,000,000.00 of income to negative $100,000.00 of income.

I will prepare your return and explain why and what I did.  You’ll leave knowing why your paid the tax you did; with strategies to reduce your tax in the future.