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Are Goals Important?

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in Character Development, Finding Destiny, Leadership | 3 comments

I want you to picture a football or soccer field.  Picture yourself as one of the 22 players dressed in their team uniforms.  The stands are filled with SCREAMING, facepainted fanatics.  The game is about ready to begin. You have butterflies in your stomach, and are looking for a place to throw-up.  The energy is palpable!!!  Football Field

Now, take away the end zones or goals.  There is no way to score points in this game.

  • How hard are you going to play if there is no goal? 
  • Would you spend hours practicing to get better?
  • How many people will pay to watch this game?
  • How is that energy now?

Most likely several of the players will stand around talking, a few kicking the ball.  It doesn’t matter what direction your team or you go in.  There isn’t a marker, target, or goal to get to.  “Who cares?”

Have you set goals in your Life?

Successful people sit down on a regular basis and decide what their end zone looks like.  They determine a direction. They determine what success looks like in their life.  Then they move toward it in a purposeful way.

Successful People have a goal

  • Goals give us a direction to move towards.
  • Goals allow us to lay out the steps to success in our life.
  • Goals that serve others will bring finances into our pockets
  • Goals will energize and motivate us.

Proactive vs Reactive

Maybe you have been milling around without a goal. You have been just floating through life reacting to circumstances. Goals give us basic parameters, for how to respond when surprises come our way.  People without goals are often just hoping for the best. With goals we are planning for the best.

Stop Blaming your Past Failures

Maybe your bad decisions in the past are holding you back. The great news is your past does not determine your future.  No matter what stage of life or what past failures look like.  You can lay out a plan for what your future can look like. You can choose to have a better tomorrow.

“Your past does not determine your future”

Failure is an event not a person. Often we learn the most from our failures.  If we will just learn the lessons and not allow the lessons to imprison us.  Your failures position you for future successes.

So tell us, what does your future look like?