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Wrap your sweatshirt around my waist and pull! (Finding your Center)

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Wrap your sweatshirt around my waist and pull! (Finding your Center)

When I was in college I had the opportunity to dance with the Purdue repertory Dance company.  It was primarily a modern dance company.  Modern dance is a form of dance that is based on the concept of your Center. Meaning all movement starts and is an extension of the core structure of our bodies.  An understanding of how our spine, pelvis, and the small muscles, ligaments and tendons operate and function allow us to create ever greater movements.

Partnering with my favorite Dance partner

Partnering with my favorite Dance partner

The most powerful movements starts with very small muscles

These movements utilize the entirety of our body. They create dance that exudes a passion and emotion rarely found in forms of dance that don’t start from the core of our body.  Beginning my dance life as an adult rather than a child meant I had to unlearn years of moving from my head and shoulders and not my center. My first teacher was vital in this training.

This amazing dance teacher would drag me around the dance floor with her sweatshirt wrapped around my waist.  So I could feel what it was like to move from my pelvis instead of my head or shoulders.  Her investment in my life changed the way I have moved ever since. He helped in finding my center has helped reduce my back pain and be a more graceful dancer.  Holly helped change my life and I am forever grateful.

How this applies in everyday life

To live a fulfilling life of passionate purpose and destiny we need to be centered on core values and principles.  These provide the starting place where all our pursuits, interactions, and plans are derived. This core becomes our Center.

 Many people choose to go through life as windblown tumbleweeds. Allowing outside circumstances to determine where they go. They only react to their environment, instead of having a determined course of action in adverse circumstances.

Knowing our center enables us to respond and face the winds of adversity with purpose.

The more we develop and practice these core values and principles, the more power and strength we have to affect things outside of ourselves.  Like a well-trained dancer who misses a step or loses their balance knowing their Center will enable them to recover without an audience knowing.   Our core values and principles are the anchor when the winds and waves of adversity come our way.

Let others help you find your Center

Finding and developing these core muscles or core values will happen at a faster pace and with greater clarity if we have spouses, friends, coaches, parents, and pastor’s to help us find them and strengthen them.  We can’t use other peoples’ core values (nor would we want to).  We want to utilize their experience and questions to learn what our Center is.

Who is helping you find your center?

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Are Goals Important?

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Are Goals Important?

I want you to picture a football or soccer field.  Picture yourself as one of the 22 players dressed in their team uniforms.  The stands are filled with SCREAMING, facepainted fanatics.  The game is about ready to begin. You have butterflies in your stomach, and are looking for a place to throw-up.  The energy is palpable!!!  Football Field

Now, take away the end zones or goals.  There is no way to score points in this game.

  • How hard are you going to play if there is no goal? 
  • Would you spend hours practicing to get better?
  • How many people will pay to watch this game?
  • How is that energy now?

Most likely several of the players will stand around talking, a few kicking the ball.  It doesn’t matter what direction your team or you go in.  There isn’t a marker, target, or goal to get to.  “Who cares?”

Have you set goals in your Life?

Successful people sit down on a regular basis and decide what their end zone looks like.  They determine a direction. They determine what success looks like in their life.  Then they move toward it in a purposeful way.

Successful People have a goal

  • Goals give us a direction to move towards.
  • Goals allow us to lay out the steps to success in our life.
  • Goals that serve others will bring finances into our pockets
  • Goals will energize and motivate us.

Proactive vs Reactive

Maybe you have been milling around without a goal. You have been just floating through life reacting to circumstances. Goals give us basic parameters, for how to respond when surprises come our way.  People without goals are often just hoping for the best. With goals we are planning for the best.

Stop Blaming your Past Failures

Maybe your bad decisions in the past are holding you back. The great news is your past does not determine your future.  No matter what stage of life or what past failures look like.  You can lay out a plan for what your future can look like. You can choose to have a better tomorrow.

“Your past does not determine your future”

Failure is an event not a person. Often we learn the most from our failures.  If we will just learn the lessons and not allow the lessons to imprison us.  Your failures position you for future successes.

So tell us, what does your future look like?


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How you can change the weather.

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How you can change the weather.

It is the first week of spring and this morning the snow was coming down.  My daughter climbed up on a stool to look out window at the falling snow.  “It is so pretty!” she exclaimed.  “Can I wear my boots?”

While most adults seem to complain about winter’s persistence, my daughter is excited by the beauty and opportunity the snow provides.  Think about the energy and emotion wasted by complaining about something that we have no control over.  Can you change the weather?

“It is so pretty!”

Enjoying the snow.

Enjoying the snow.

“Can I wear my boots?”

Maybe we can’t change the weather. We can change our attitude about it.

My wife and I own several rental properties. Over the last 6 years, we have been the victim of break-ins, had tenants who purposely damaged our property, and stole from us.  At one house we had the furnace stolen, hot water heater, even the kitchen sink.  I had a tenant who punched holes in the walls, and called the building inspector on us. Then she stole our appliances when she moved out.  How should I respond?

I could get mad at the injustice of it.  I could curse the thieves. What good does either of those do?  I am angry, blood pressure is through the roof, and I still have to deal with the problems.  If I don’t forgive those people, every time I go about fixing the damage they caused I will just get mad all over again. 

Expressing our Anger doesn’t solve the problem!

I focus on what I need to learn from the experience, such as exterior security doors, and a better tenant screening procedure.  Then I go to work getting the home ready for the next person who needs it.  Laughing about “they took everything including the kitchen sink.”

Why let snow ruin your week? Why let other people’s selfish actions ruin your day?  As Steven Covey writes in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, focus on your circle of influence instead of your circle of concern.  In other words… focus on things that you can change.

If you focus on things you can change, the weather won’t bother you and the past will be a history lesson. As Dan Miller says “I carry my sunshine on the inside.”

What impact will focusing on things you can change have in your life today?


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“Those Things Just don’t Fix Themselves”

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“Those Things Just don’t Fix Themselves”

An Unfilling Adventure

A couple of years ago, I had a filling in a tooth fall out. I planned on getting it fixed someday. However, my dread of the dentist and a hatred of power tools in my mouth encouraged me to perpetually postpone my dentist visit.

A few months ago the tooth became extremely sensitive. Instead of viewing this as a sign for immediate attention, I quit chewing on that side of the mouth and stop drinking cold beverages.  It got worse…. A few weeks later it was so painful, my head hurt and I struggled getting to sleep.   In December I got to experience my first root canal.  It is an experience that I encourage you to avoid.

May those nerve endings rest in peace

May those nerve endings rest in peace


The Painful Lesson

  • If I would have gone the the dentist when the filling fell out, I wouldn’t have needed a root canal
  • As a dentist friend of mine said “those things don’t just fix themselves.”
  • Address small problems early before they explode into big problems.

How often to do we postpone that uncomfortable situation, postpone that small inconvenience, with the hope it will eventually go away.  As my dentist friend said “those things don’t just fix themselves.” 

This touches many areas of our lives:


  • Telling our spouse we aren’t feeling loved and how our spouse could change that
  • Developing our family budget together


  • That workout that we will always start tomorrow.
  • Reducing our intake of sugary food and drinks.


  • Addressing our clients consist late payments and or growing amount owed
  • The employee whose 10 minute break keeps getting longer


  • Saving for retirement
  • Getting on a budget
  • Investing

What have you postponed that is causing you more pain?


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