Passionate Pursuit of Purpose

Career Coaching

Do you enjoy going to work?

I know it is possible.  You can find meaningful and enjoyable work.  If you are ready to find your Purpose and Pursue it Passionately. Then I want to work with you.  You don’t have to do it alone.

Let’s  find your Destiny

The process:

  1. It starts with answering questions that we often don’t think about.
    1. What do you want said about you?
    2. At the end of your life what constitutes a life well lived?
  2. Next what are your interests, skills, and experiences
  3. We find what your purpose looks like.
  4. We create a comprehensive plan for you
  5. We develop a preparation strategy to accomplish your purpose
  6. Then you go out an practice.
  7. Repeat process when interests, skills, and experiences change.

Why use a Coach