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Have a fire plan (Daddy’s love)

Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Faith, Parenting | 2 comments

This article will be different. It is born of an emotional story of a father who died trying to rescue his 3 year old and 18 month old daughters.  At the time of writing this article, the ages of my first 2 daughters is very similar to the ages of those young girls.  When I read it I picture my Ruth and Abigail.  Read the story here.

First you will read a simple poem.  It is an emotional outlet for the pain I feel as I picture that 3 year old in her room screaming for her daddy.  Next is a section about a father’s love.  Then lastly I discuss lessons we can learn from this tragedy.

A father found holding the baby,
A daughter silent in her room
No more tears will they shed
Lives taken much to soon

What is a father to do?
When he has done all
Nothing more to give
He answered the call

Human flesh facing the limit
Nothing more he could bring
Wishing he could find a way
As the flames begin to sing

No regard for himself
Daughters his only concern
Courage born of love
Our lesson to learn

I would gladly trade my life for theirs.

(My Daughters)
I would gladly trade my life for theirs.

Tears flow as I write this poem inspired by such loss.  I have daughters of a similar age.  I too would run back in the flames without a second thought.  Even if there was nothing I could do.  So deep, is a real father’s love.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to experience this love from an earthly Father, there is hope.  It is from that same heart of love; Father God sent His only son to die so that you might have eternal life.  Your heavenly Father, who created you, loves you greater than any earthly father ever could.

Our lesson to learn;

First this is not a meant to be judgment in any form toward anyone who inspired this story.  It is a tragedy and the wife and mother needs our prayers that her broken heart will be healed.   Pray that she finds a future with hope and doesn’t blame herself.  It was not anyone’s fault.   It just sucks.

We can learn some lessons; that perhaps will prevent and reduce the occurrence of such tragedy in the future.

  • Create a family fire plan. (Here is a great resource for doing this)
    1. Especially what happens when we are sleeping.
    2. What parent will take what child?
    3. Where is the primary exit?
    4. Where will we meet?
    5. Having a plan will allow your brain to focus your adrenaline rush.  Without a plan it is very easy for the adrenaline to turn into panic and cause bad decisions.
  • Have working smoke detectors in your bedrooms and test them.
  • If your home has knob and tube wiring replace it.  This stuff is ancient and extremely dangerous.
  • Know common causes here is a list of the 10 most common causes of household fires.

Please don’t ignore this subject because it is scary or uncomfortable.   If you create a plan it should alleviate fears.  Do a risk assessment based on the common causes work to reduce them.  Talking about this is loving those you care about.  

Most likely you will never face a serious fire in your home; But lets be prepared because the risk of being unprepared can be deadly.

What is your fire plan?

How is the wiring in your home?

Do you have  working smoke detectors in your home?