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Jhaqueil Reagan: Was it luck?

Posted by on Apr 4, 2013 in Character Development, Finding Destiny | 3 comments

Most of us of heard his story.  If you have not, you can read it here.  The basic story is; on a cold snowy day he got up early and walked to an interview for a minimum wage job at a thrift store.  On his way he met  Art Bouvier and asked him if he was walking in the right direction.  Mr. Bouvier gave him directions and told him he should take a bus because he still had a long way to go.  It was cold, icy, and snowy morning and most people were starting their day late due to the poor weather conditions.

After Mr. Bouvier was done clearing the snow at his business, he got in his car and left. On his drive he saw Jhaqueil, still walking towards his interview.  Mr. Bouvier stopped asked him why he wasn’t on the bus.  Jhaqueil informed him that he didn’t have money for the bus.  Mr. Bouvier drove him to the interview and asked for Jhaqueil’s phone number. Mr. Bouvier was going to offer him a job after his interview for the other job (although he kept this a secret).

Mr. Bouvier ended up hiring him.  In the interview with the local news Jhaqueil mentions he was “just lucky.”

Was it Luck?Opportunity

It may have been fortunate; however it wasn’t “just” luck.  Jhaqueil moved toward an opportunity. Mr. Bouvier didn’t knock on his door while he was playing video games and offer him a job.

Can you think of an excuse as to why you didn’t go to that interview? Here is an incomplete list:

  • It is freezing outside
  • I don’t have ride there
  • It’s only a minimum wage job
  • It is to far to walk.
  • I probably won’t get the job anyway.
  • I don’t interview well

He didn’t get the job he interviewed for at the thrift store.  That door of opportunity closed on him.  His pursuit of that job led to the job with Mr. Bouvier.  Often our excuses, laziness, indecision, and procrastination keep us on the couch.  Then we miss opportunities we would have only found on our way to a different opportunity.

How many of you have ever used a Post-it note?  That consistently consumed product that is a standard in offices and homes all over the world was an opportunity that arose from a failure.  Dr. Spencer Silver was attempting to create a super sticky and powerful adhesive and failed.  He didn’t throw away this creation; he sought a new use.  (Read more of the story on Wikipedia)

“Moving toward an opportunity will open up more opportunities”

  • You able to see new things from this new perspective
  • You might meet new people
  • You create greater opportunity to learn something new

Your journey can open the door, for a opportunity you may not of seen, thought about, or knew about.  You may meet someone who has an opportunity for you just as Jhaqueil did. The key is to begin moving toward an opportunity.

Tell us of a time you were pursuing an opportunity and had a different/better opportunity open up?