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Just Working to pay the Bills (Does your life have meaning?)

Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Character Development, Finding Destiny | 2 comments

I started chatting with a friend whom I had not talked in years. Their answer my query “How are things going?” was “Just working to pay the bills. You know how it is.” I quickly replied “I don’t really work much anymore; I just do what I love most of the time.”  Their reply “why don’t you work?”

Why don’t I work?

I refuse to spend the majority of my week doing something I don’t enjoy.  I refuse to do the same thing every day.   I will spend my time pursuing my passions and doing the things I love.

What do I do if I don’t work?

Business Consulting/Accounting: I love being able to see how businesses are doing and help the owner find a way to be more successful.  I love creating strategies for success

Taxes: I love helping people keep as much of their money from the greedy government as legally possible.

Coaching: We are all created for a purpose, we can all use help finding that purpose. I enjoy helping others create a plan do their purpose, then prepare for their purpose, then DO their purpose.

Real estate: I love dirt and I love buildings.  I enjoy being involved in the transformation of a building.

Spending time with my family:  I love the flexibility to be the parent who stays home when our daughter can’t go to daycare.  I enjoy getting my daughters ready for daycare in the morning.  I enjoy being able to occasionally prepare dinner for my family.

Surrounded by the most beautiful ladies in the world!

Surrounded by the most beautiful ladies in the world!


Writing, Speaking, Teaching:  I love expressing my thoughts whether composing a poem, teaching middle school students at church, writing  blog post, or speaking to a group. I want to get better at each of those.  So, I make writing and creating presentations a priority in my life.

In each of these things there are times when I get frustrated.  They even have parts that I don’t like doing.  However, I don’t dread Monday.  I don’t view the weekend with great awe.

I enjoy my life everyday!

I am “Living the Dream!!!”  “If I was any better I would be in Heaven!!!”  If any of you ask my how I am doing you have probably heard one of these responses.  In that moment I may feel that way or I may be proclaiming it by faith.  Either way it is the truth of my life.

What if You don’t enjoy your life every day?

Is it time to stop running in circles?

Is it time to stop running in circles?

Ask yourself why?  Serious stop and askWhy don’t I enjoy my life every day?”  ….  Do you have some reasons?  Now what can you do to change that situation?

The most powerful thing in your situation you can change is you.  Your attitude and your actions are the one thing you have complete control over.  Perhaps you just have a bad attitude?

Next and somewhat related step, ask yourself what you like about your life?  Maybe you should sit down and write a list of why you like your job, your relationships, your home, your family.

Now do the same thing what is it you don’t enjoy about your life?  Is it work?  What is it about your job you don’t like?  Why do you dread Monday morning?  Side-note: If this list is full of things that you can’t control such as: the government, other people, wall street, fox news, sports teams, weather, your genes, other drivers, then you probably aren’t ever going to be happy until your list changes.

These 3 actions are the beginning of finding a life you love and were meant to live.  This is the first step toward a life where the lines between work and play are hard to define.  If you are “just working to pay the bills,” take action today, to create a more meaningful life.


What does a meaningful life look like for you? (comment below and let us know)