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Locked behind an unlocked door

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I once had a pitweiler by the name of Sharky.  He was a dog full of life who loved to run and chase anything whether it be insect, bird, mammal, or human.   When you left you had to make sure he wasn’t near the door, or your departure to your desired destination would surely be delayed.

The latch on the front screen door broke one day.  A simple push would easily open the door.  When Sharky was younger, he once jumped through a screen to get outside.   Sharky would stare out the door. So sure was locked. His sad eyes revealing an insatiable longing for freedom.  A dog designed and created for the purpose of guarding property relegated to waiting for those few moments when he is could run on a leash.

Are you staring at the door to your Destiny?

Maybe you tried to enter Destiny’s door and it was locked.    Now you remain imprisoned behind the unlocked door.  “It was locked earlier, so it must still be locked”.   Maybe we tried several times and failed each time.

Passionate Persistence is required to fulfill your destiny.

Abe LincolnAbraham Lincoln ran for public office 7 times before his run for the presidency and failed to get elected each time until his Presidential election.  His drive to stay persistent and keep trying led to him becoming the president that led our nation through some of its darkest days.

“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% percent perspiration.” (Edison)

Is it time for you to stop complaining about your locked door, and give that dream one more try (maybe 2 or 100 tries)?  Thomas Edison worked for many years and failed many thousands of times.  Then finally he created a light bulb that worked. (Edison light bulb)


Perhaps the passion filled life you yearn for is just beyond that door and all you have to do is push it one more time.

Where in your life have you failed, but persisted and then found success? 

What did you learn in your failure that helped you succeed?

  • paulyhart

    actually i have failed and found success in this post.

    my original post was three paragraphs long but i maybe wrote it more for myself than any audience. it had to do with the wonder of looking at the history of the invention of the lightbulb and how it took the field seventy years to progress into the actual point where edison and his team of lab workers and secretaries could comb thru all of the failed patents and mistakes of other inventors and come up with the solution that they needed.

    edison found that he had to invent the electrical system to deliver the current to his bulb as well as the bulb itself. often we as inventors must invent systems for our creations in order for our creations to have life.

    my support staff and scientists and secretaries are my wife, my accountability group and my church to help me.