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Peering through the veil of a small-town window

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This post is a little bit poetic and inspired from a quote of Steven Pressfield’s from his book “Do the work”.

Dream big enough


Our world is so small
A few days will get you almost anywhere.
Yet there are those who never leave.
Bound in their “I can’t”
Those words always true
“I can’t” never failing
Sure there are places we can’t see…….yet
One day the depths of Mariana will be charted
Mars will be surveyed and explored
Technology lost uncovered.
Us working together to discover

Will you play silly games with Indian orphans?

Will you play silly games with Indian orphans?

If I dream big enough,
If I “live the dream”
Could the unseen be seen
If my “I can’t” became “How?”
What is my “how?”
Can a city be changed?
Can a nation be born?
Can I remove reason?
Will logic disappear?
Will the finless turtle swim?
The “Why not’s.” remain unheard.
I shall, and my end will come

Will you visit African orphans?

Will you visit African orphans?

With Every effort made
That I might see my future
A life was not in vain.


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