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Personal Income Statement

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Give your finances a X-ray

What does your income statement look like?  Have you ever created one?  In this article you will see what an income statement look like then you can create one from your finances.  A financial statement is like an X-ray, MRI, and CT scan for your finances.

Business have to give their investors financial statements at least once per year.   The best investors read them like a roadmap that reveals the health of that company.  You are permanently invested in your financial situationDo you know where you are going?

Your financial statements will reveal your financial health

Earnings (from job or self-employ) $__________
Interest $__________
Rental $__________
Royalties $__________
Dividends $__________
Business profit $__________
Total Revenue $___________
 Taxes  $__________
 Food  $__________
 Housing/Utilities  $__________
 Transportation  $__________
 Clothing/personal care  $__________
 Education  $__________
 Insurance  $__________
 Entertainment  $__________
 Vacation  $__________
 Other  $__________
 Total Expenses  $__________
 Surplus/Deficit  $_____________

 The expense categories may be different for you.

Have you created a Personal Financial Statement?

What does your Financial Statement say about your finances?