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Relax and take a Knee

Posted by on Sep 26, 2017 in Leadership | 0 comments

The Genesis of the blog is from my following facebook post.

“Usually I skip the Anthem for NFL games. But Sunday Morning I was watching online. I looked at the Ravens players who were kneeling during the anthem…
I looked at them and became curious, They grew up in an America that I don’t fully understand.Their Experience of being an American is substantially different from mine.

Perhaps we should listen rather than shout. Seek to understand their concerns and see if we can’t find a way to make this an America that we all can be proud of.”

It not that I agree or disagree with taking a knee, I can appreciate and respect the opinions of many voices in this discussion.

I can appreciate our President’s opinion and those who share it. (We live in one of the most amazing countries in the world, we should be grateful we were born here)

I can appreciate the NFL owners, players union, and commissioner telling the president don’t tell us how to run our business

I can respect John Harbaugh forhe indicated that the Ravens’ decision to “express themselves” was theirs to make, and he said he didn’t know whether players would protest before Sunday’s home game against the AFC North rival Pittsburgh Steelers.

I can respect Mike Tomlin for not wanting to participate in politics and keeping his team in the tunnel

I can respect Ben Roethlisberger  for regretting that decision

I can love the image of Alejandro Villanueva standing with his hand over is heart

I can respect Richard Petty for telling his employees failure to stand would result in being fired.

I can love Jerry Jones and the Cowboy response

There are also some opinions and expressions I can’t respect:

  • If you wear the shirt of a dictator who systematically repressed his people and destroyed his country’s economy
  • You tell me there is no Police brutality
  • You tell me there is no such thing as racial discrimination (I have been both victim and beneficiary of it).
  • You can’t succeed in America because of (insert excuse here….  Your race, your gender, your sexual preference, your religion, your hair color, Your weight, your parents).

We are all allowed to have our opinions and they usually represent our feelings.  Your feeling are valid and your reality. Your opinions aren’t facts. Your opinions aren’t as important to others as they are to you. (most people don’t care about your opinion).

My opinion shall remain a mystery.  I shall seek to understand why those amazing Black athletes don’t feel represented in our nation.  I will encourage everyone I can to be the best person they can be….  No Excuses