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That Hurt

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About a week ago,  I was installing an exterior sign at our accounting office.  I was about 14 feet in the air, drilling screws into the overhang.  It was cold Saturday morning, the ground had a little snow on it.  This turned the already slick asphalt surface into an even slipper surface.

I had just moved my ladder to be closer to where I wanted to hang the sign.  As I climbed and began to adjust myself to start drilling and…..          the ladder began to move, sliding down the overhang.  The bottom of the ladder was sliding out and I was along for the ride (all the way to the asphalt).  Before you could blink your eyes, I hits the ground still holding the ladder and a drill.   That hurt (really hurt)

Scene of HURT

Scene of HURT

As I sat up full of adrenaline. Yet not fully functioning as I began to survey the situation.  After a few minutes I tried to stand up.  Attempting to use my left arm but as I put pressure on my left arm.  I realized “that arm is broke.”  A passerby helped me to my feet and the world began to get very blurry.  So I sat down for a few minutes till the concussion symptoms passed.

Next was the painful removal of the right hand glove (that thumb hurt).  The removal revealed my crushed thumb and the blood dripping from it.  I put things away, locked up, and drove to the emergency room.

It was the most trauma I had ever experienced at one time:

  • My first concussion
  • First major broken bone (left arm)
  • A crushed right thumb
  • Bruised right knee
  • A broken toe on my right foot

Should these injuries cause me to fear going up a ladder?

Should I avoid ever using a ladder again because of this pain?

I could let the fear of a future fall keep me from climbing a ladder again.  Or I could use this fall as a learning experience to avoid a similar accident in the future.

What did I learn:

  • Sealed asphalt is slick
  • Make sure your ladder is as perpendicular to the ground as safely possible
  • Use a ladder with feet on the bottom when on a potentially slippery suface
  • If possible have a 2nd person there to stand on the bottom of the ladder to keep it from sliding out.

This spring I will paint the exterior of my home.  A wiser and more experienced man will climb those ladders.  Allowing wisdom to conquer fear.

How often do we let a painful experience keep us from enjoying the fullness that life has to offer?

Is a broken heart or painful divorce keeping you from being open to love?

What is it you don’t do (but would like to) because of a painful experience?

Are your actions being led by wisdom or fear?