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The One Thing I cannot live without

Posted by on Feb 26, 2013 in Character Development, Faith, Finding Destiny | 4 comments

On the radio they were talking about the one thing people couldn’t live without, and I heard things like slippers, coffee, and other self-involved crap.  So what can’t I live without?

There are lots of things I would prefer not to live without, but for what….  Would I rather die, than live without. 

What is the one thing I cannot live without?

I am going to skip the things that our physical body requires in order that life exists.  I am going to skip God (as I believe He is the creator of life therefore the question would be redundant).

It is about relationship not the coffee.

It is about relationship not the coffee.

So my one thing….  Relationships

I am referring to all of them, the good, the bad, the strange, and the boring.  It is the diversity of our humanity.  It is how we each view our world from a unique perspective.  How we are each motivated by different passions, experiences and ideas.

Relationships are where I feel the most joy and the most pain.  Trust, communication, and companionship are so vital to my existence.  I do not know what the point of life would be without those traits.

I enjoy walks alone, and moments watching the immense beauty of nature.  There are times I need to be alone to recharge, hang out with God, or even yell at God. Still I cannot imagine a world of being alone all time.  I don’t think we were created to be alone.

When I was young, my insecurities led me down a sad path.  I tried to be like others, or like others wanted me to be.  I was untrue to who I truly wanted to be.  Hiding the unique individual I was created to be.

As age and relationship with my savior destroyed my insecurities; I became free to find friends and acquaintances different from me.  In order to communicate with someone they did not need to believe exactly how I believe.  They could be of a different religion, political affiliation, race, or even like sports teams different from me.  They could enjoy things I found stupid, boring, or maybe even offensive.

In these new relationships I saw the world in a different light.  I saw the beauty of our diversity.

Serving tea on our Wedding

Serving tea on our Wedding

So what can I not live without?  It is you, especially the real you.  The person you hide from us because of insecurity or fear we will reject you.  Not one of us knows everything, we need each other for our lives to be complete.