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“Those Things Just don’t Fix Themselves”

Posted by on Jan 21, 2013 in Character Development, Leadership | 4 comments

An Unfilling Adventure

A couple of years ago, I had a filling in a tooth fall out. I planned on getting it fixed someday. However, my dread of the dentist and a hatred of power tools in my mouth encouraged me to perpetually postpone my dentist visit.

A few months ago the tooth became extremely sensitive. Instead of viewing this as a sign for immediate attention, I quit chewing on that side of the mouth and stop drinking cold beverages.  It got worse…. A few weeks later it was so painful, my head hurt and I struggled getting to sleep.   In December I got to experience my first root canal.  It is an experience that I encourage you to avoid.

May those nerve endings rest in peace

May those nerve endings rest in peace


The Painful Lesson

  • If I would have gone the the dentist when the filling fell out, I wouldn’t have needed a root canal
  • As a dentist friend of mine said “those things don’t just fix themselves.”
  • Address small problems early before they explode into big problems.

How often to do we postpone that uncomfortable situation, postpone that small inconvenience, with the hope it will eventually go away.  As my dentist friend said “those things don’t just fix themselves.” 

This touches many areas of our lives:


  • Telling our spouse we aren’t feeling loved and how our spouse could change that
  • Developing our family budget together


  • That workout that we will always start tomorrow.
  • Reducing our intake of sugary food and drinks.


  • Addressing our clients consist late payments and or growing amount owed
  • The employee whose 10 minute break keeps getting longer


  • Saving for retirement
  • Getting on a budget
  • Investing

What have you postponed that is causing you more pain?


  • Doomdummy

    Cold pack on face no fun, hot coffee, worse. Back to cold pack better. I had to sleep on my right side cause the weight of my face made my face hurt to the point I couldn’t sleep. I remember this mess of pain before. Sinus and teeth literally share nerve or membrane at the cheek and jowl, this membrane.when irritated makes the whole side of my face hurt. I’m doing better with an occasional ice pack. I’d rather skip a trip to the Emergence room. They aren’t up on weird symptoms. They give you a pain pill that knocks you out and then you wake up in incredible pain and you’re not suppose to take another for five hours! I’m not to keen taking too much of a good thing. I might start sleep walking and wake up in the slammer for running around the neighborhood in my under ware screaming “Smock” “Smock”

  • Robyn Smith

    Thanks, JB (sort of.) I am making an appointment today for a root canal or extraction due to the exact same cause.
    Ben Franklin’s wisdom was apt when he stated, “a stitch in time saves nine.”
    Ahh, for a little self-discipline!

  • Very insightful, brother.

    • Thank you. Care to share anything you have postponed that has caused you more pain?