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What is the price of salvation?

Posted by on Apr 11, 2013 in Faith, Finding Destiny | 0 comments

Often people refer to salvation being free… and yet is it really free?  It is so true that you can’t buy salvation, and yet it can cost you everything you ever had or wanted. 

Salvation cost Christ pain, suffering, and ultimately His life. 

What did my salvation cost me:

My Marine career, cost me all of my self-righteousness, it cost me my ideas about race and culture, it cost me my dream of being a small town policeman, it cost me my angry scowl,  and it cost me headaches from worries and fears. 

Although, perhaps cost isn’t the correct term it was more like a bartering or making a trade.

My salvation was like trading a rusty old bike with flat tires for a Ford F-350 dual cab 4×4 diesel pickup truck.Your choice

Here is what I traded: 

  • I traded my unsuccessful Marine career for an education in business which inspires me. 
  • I traded my self-righteous standard that I failed to live up to, for His righteousness which empowers me to live a life free of self-condemnation. 
  • I traded my racist thoughts for deep friendships with many from other ethnic groups and an amazing and beautiful Asian wife.
  • I gave a dream of boring future in a small town for a life full of travel and adventures that fills my life with joy. 
  • I traded my angry scowl for laughter and joy beyond compare. 
  • I traded my worries and fears for His peace that pass all understanding.  
  • I traded my sin and eternal damnation for an eternal life with my CreatorThe Cross

It cost me everything that weighed me down. It cost me everything I thought I wanted.  I have received more than I could have even dreamed possible. Life is better than I could have ever hoped.  It was the best choice I have ever made.

It cost Christ everything, and it will cost us everything we think we want. The eternal reward both in heaven and on Earth is beyond our wildest fantasies.  I believe there is nothing greater than living the life you were created and designed to live.  I believe you can only find your entire purpose through knowing your Creator (The Lord Jesus Christ)

What did your salvation cost you?