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What is your Price?

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What are your morals worth?

What type of woman do you think I am?

What type of woman do you think I am?

A wealthy man walks over to this extremely beautiful woman.  The man asks her if she would have sex with him for $1,000,000.00?  She quickly answers “yes”. Then he asks her if she would have sex with him for $2.00?  She promptly slaps him across the face and asks “What type of woman do you think I am?” He replies “we already determined that, now we are just negotiating on price.


What is the price of your integrity?

While in college I worked at a variety of bars as a bouncer.  In every location I became the one who checked ID’s at the door.  I was paid to protect the owners liquor license by keeping those under the age of 21 from entering the premise.

ID please!

ID please!

Bouncers are notoriously corrupt, often a $20 bill will allow you to cut the line. $20 to $50 will get you in underage. Engaging a bouncer in licentious behavior will get you and your under underage friends in the door.  I tended to be the exception.

The girls I dated that were under 21 knew they wouldn’t get into the bar where I was working.  My friends knew they could NOT come in, if they were underage.   I never did get repeat bribes. I accepted their money as a tip.  Then, explained that they were still unable to enter the establishment.

Perhaps, They just wanted to tip me for doing such a good job?

What is the price of friendship?

I remember as a kid I stole a baseball card from a friend (it was worth $0.10).  I did it because I could.  I took advantage of his trust in me.  I still regret that action to this day.   If I ever see him again, I will confess.  Then, pay him for that 1989 score card of Kevin Bass(plus interest).

“I took advantage of his trust in me.”

That persistent feeling constantly encourages me to always value relationships over material things.  If my friend and I are unsure who purchased a particular item, I quickly defer ownership.  A $12 tool isn’t worth a priceless friendship.

  • What are your morals (or core values)

  • Are they for sale?

  • At what price are you willing to change your morals?